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>> Saturday, September 13, 2008

Green is actually not my favorite colors but I love to stay in a green surroundings that is on the outer side of my home, do u find that its kinda weird? I think so too. My clothes are limited in green but I love the soothing effects of nature, the wind and breeze blowing through the trees if you are living under their shade. I love to see the green nature and the awesome landscape of everything. To dedicate my love for the green nature this is my first greenery and hope to catch more shots of green and share with you the green in my place..

My first shot is the chili plant which grows near my house...

distant shot..

up close..

wild ripe tomato tries to squeeze in..

the green ones..

the place where it grows.. u can see it uses the house's pillar to crawl upwards..

The next shot is a kind of vegetable where in my place we call it the "sayur manis' or sweet veggies in English ( direct translation) anyone knows the name in English?

sayur manis (sweet veggies)

the young shoots are the good one

Guava also grows here, but if u take too much of this fruit u'll end up with constipation..

the guava tree, some fruits are being wrapped in plastic bag to prevent bad bugs destroying the fruit..

my hubby's favorite plant..the lemon and its flower bud?

lemon tea believes to fight body fats..

on the far back of the house grows this papaya tree, I wont be able to finish the fruits if they ripen at almost the same time..

the papaya tree..oops u have to tilt your head ..sorryy..

guess what's this?..

actually its a 'male' papaya tree that doesnt bear fruits only flowers, but then the flowers are believed to lower blood u guys having hypertension can cook this flower mix with tapioca leaves to lower those blood level..

the bread fruit youngs..or the ' buah sukun/kesukun' in my place..

the bread fruit tree..u guys.. the sukun is the bread fruit..(tambah dat vocaburari hehe) this fruit is very tasty when u slice it and fried it with flour like the fritters or kuih pisang...

well guys I think my first post ends here, till I update again with newer shots...

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jrs_sfx September 15, 2008 10:46 PM  

wow! buli tahan la u floJo...

FJL September 16, 2008 12:20 AM  

Tus ada bunga kembang semangkuk pula nanti Jun, teda keja cari keja, pdhal keja blambak lol..

FLOJOE September 16, 2008 10:46 AM  

minta tu kepayas sini. Susah mau cari di Melb. Mau p cari sana chinatown baru ada. Sayur manis pun teda. Aii kuang2 aing liong ku haha.

FJL September 16, 2008 4:17 PM  

alala musti org2 putis ni kuar2 aing liung tingu exotic fruits pdhal bemanyak sni kan, sayur manis msk tarur baru sadap, ko tanam sarui manis la d backyard ko jan ja drg eran hihi..


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