>> Friday, October 31, 2008

Starfruit is another plant grows in my garden..Its scientific name is Averrhoa Carambola and known as Belimbing in my place. When you cut the fruit it will have a star shape, good to eat during hot weather as it is juicy..

the starfruit tree

the starfruit's flower

the young starfruits

the ripe starfruits

the cut starfruits (credits to wikipedia)

posing with a young green starfruit..



>> Sunday, October 19, 2008

I took a walk this afternoon in my surroundings and  found weeds that were awesome in pictures, check them out..

pink  purple weeds

white ones
even this one has its own visitor..
pretty in pink weeds..


Natural way to prevent pesky bugs on plants

>> Saturday, October 18, 2008

the weaver ant's nest

the weaver ants

One of the ways that my hubby used to prevent pesky bugs on plants is to get these ants /weaver ants and its nest to the plant that is flowering in order to kill the bugs or insects on it in a natural way. The benefit is that you don't have to use fertilizer to make it healthy as the ants are protecting the plants on its own natural way but the negative side is that you have to bear the pain from the ants biting by carrying the ants to the other plant that needs the protection with running and bare hands! Also when you want to have the fruits you have to fight with the ants..Have a try.. :)


My Backyard-Tales

upper view from the house

the flooding creek on a wet season from a distant

side view of my backyard

the view of some of the trees and plants

the big coconut tree

the flooding creek, closer

black and white flooding area..

Pictures were taken during the rainy season.



>> Sunday, October 5, 2008

Several types of ubi kayu or tapioca can be found at my backyard, hubby planted them and I usually get the young shoots cooked as greens. It is basically derived from the cassava plant. It is so tasty especially when you cook it with coconut milk and dried fish or ikan masin. But before the leaves can be eaten, you have to pound it with mortar and pestle until it become small pieces and dark green. Im not used to pounding thus I just squeeze the leaves repeatedly until satisfied then wash it with water and cooked with dried fish and coconut milk. More flavour? add in some chillies...the taste? yummy!

the young shoots

the tapioca plant

another type of tapioca plants

the cooked tapioca leaves with coconut milk and dried fish

The tapioca fibrous roots are used in varieties of cooking and preparation style like bread flour, laundry starch, alcoholic brew as well as tapioca pudding. Normally I just peel the skin and boil it with water adding in pinches of salt. When you poke it with knife and feel it soft then it is already cooked.

the tapioca roots (credits to flikr)

eaten with sugar or anything sweet..(credits to flikr)

talking about tapioca makes me hungry ..gonna find some tapiocas green for dinner tonight ..:)



Where the inspiration comes

Where the inspiration comes

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