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Ginger is known in my place to add warm to the body temperature and it is use as the must have spice to those who recently giving birth to a baby in my culture. It is added in soup and its aroma is welcoming. When mix with meat and other spices the outcome is yummy. It can be used as drinks in some parts of the world, cookies, crackers, and also cakes..Scientific name under Zingiberaceae Family. In our place its called Halia.

the ginger plant

the ginger's flower


try to get some ginger for my soup..

a young ginger ...

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my blog October 13, 2008 5:22 AM  

thanks for sharing ginger flower

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FJL October 13, 2008 11:41 PM  

Yeah am lucky to get this ginger flower pic, but then the ginger flower is sold in the tamu as well, saw lots of them last time..


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Where the inspiration comes

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