Bambangan Fruit

>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ever see this fruit? Its called Bambangan fruit here. Do you have this in your place? It is another species of mango but quite big and usually we make Bambangan pickles out of it.

You have to cut it like this to open, so that you can just pull the thick skin from the flesh.
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The taste is sweet kind like mango, sometimes sweet sour just like our life..


Calliandra brushy Heads

>> Monday, July 27, 2009

Looks like a paintbrush..
Up close..

how about looking from the down angle..

gotcha. Im the Powder Puff- Calliandra.

This plant has flower that is brushy with long stamens, a reddish color on the upper part and white below. Growing near the barbed wire fence, planted by hubby. Anyone knows its other name?


Spotted Dove in my Garden

The other day I managed to capture a Spotted Dove or burung tekukur quite close to the house. No wonder I always hear a coo coo kroo sound nearby. Zoom in was just not enough to get it close to my eyes and the camera I used was not the kind that can take the bird's color vividly.
The first picture taken when it was perching on the electric wire brushing its feathers.

Spotted Dove *Burung Tekukur*
The closest that I could shot. How I wish I own a DSLR..
For a very close burung tekukur picture go here


Cultivating Gardening from Childhood

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

Been so busy lately, blogging now at nightime as the daytime are always packed with something or the net is booked by my kiddos.
Making my Science lesson as interesting as I can (depends on the mood, frankly) I came across 'plants' as the topic. Interesting as it is, I asked my Year 1 students to bring along a pot of soil and gave them my leftover seeds that were still intact to plant in their pot (actually a plastic bottle that was cut into half).
After two weeks these were the results.. I hope they can grow their tomatoes, brinjals and chillies and gets delighted with their labor. Those who managed to grow their plants fine were given Science story book to motivate them more to learn as well as they will not get bored with my daily teachings. Perhaps someday if they become a successful educated farmer, they will not forget me as the motivator gardener...(hoping

eager students

the labour


Black and white Kuini

>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

A black and white kuini or mangga wani for Saturday. Its more to arts and not the greens, sometimes its nice to try on new things where you will never know what you can do till you try one. Happy weekend you all.



Where the inspiration comes

Where the inspiration comes

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