Brinjals Updating

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

Last picture of brinjal taken about a month ago..

Now its like this...
bearing flowers
Below angle

and perhaps weeks from now will be having brinjals cooked with spicy paste or Terung masak Sambal like this..*except that this pic was brinjal's market*hehe


When Mom visit..

>> Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Few months ago mum was here to help take care for the kids when I was not well at that time. She was having a good time helping me and enjoyed the greens in my yard. She even helped me pruning my neglected bougainvilleas and planting some veggies. We share the same interests in gardening as well as cooking. When she was about to return back to kampung, I insisted that she should bring some fruits back.
As avocado is her favorite we took some matured avocados and betel nut or buah pinang for her. She gladly offered to get the betel nut by herself but I warned her to wear gardening boots just in case of stepping unwanted legless know what I mean.
getting the betel nut by just poking the fruits with long bamboo stick
the betel nut ..again I share mum's hobby of eating this fruit, a little puckery but quite okay to my taste.
Happy Weekend to you all..



Where the inspiration comes

Where the inspiration comes

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