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>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the midst of rain
I found myself drain
In a pool of false puddle
where my minds seem to meddle

hope is the faith
where life is not death
enduring the pain of waiting
in the game of living
like the rain falling
where new hopes growing

Let it shine and rain
in my little garden
let the confuse mind
dwell and bind
in the darkness of night
where hope is the knight
with every waking hours
I will live to the fullest!!

p.s 1- just want to cool down things a bit :)
2- Rain is hujan in my language

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Bangchik and Kakdah April 14, 2009 8:10 PM  

On personal note.. I think I love heavy downpour, rekindling my childhood running and jumping with joy through the rain ... But frequent heavy downpour doesnt go well with gardening ... FJL tak mandi hujan kecik2 dulu?... ~ cheers, Bangchik

FJL April 15, 2009 9:26 AM  

Yes I like the tip tap sound of the rain on the roof especially when it rains at night. Mum always skeptical about bathing in the rain, she thinks that the bathing will only get her kids sick after that. But I did have mandi hujan because of stubborness and naughtyness haha ..nowadays mandi hujan is not very good la,acid rain and stuffs like that, am beginning to sound like mum now hehe


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Where the inspiration comes

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