The look alike Pangolin fruit-Buah Salak

>> Saturday, September 5, 2009

Do you know this fruit? Its called buah Salak or the Salak fruit, sometimes called the snake fruit.

It reminds me of the Pangolin or Tenggiling because of its scale.*credits to newshoard.blogspot*
the skin has to be peeled like peeling an egg shell..
the flesh
and the taste is sweet but puckery, and I can't even finish one. I rather prefer the betel nut. *grins*

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Bangchik and Kakdah September 05, 2009 4:51 AM  

I love salak madu with slight yellowish red flesh..... and I sure can finish a kilo in no time.

FJL September 05, 2009 9:10 AM  

Good for you. My mum likes this fruit but unfortunately I dont. I'll try the salak madu next time.

Stephanie September 05, 2009 11:26 AM  

Hello FJL, regarding the Sarracenia plant, I bought it from Cameron Highlands. But I know it is not easy to find them at the nurseries in PJ or KL. I have only come across one nursery that sells it and only one pot but a different Sarracenia. So, if you see it, just buy it if you like. Regarding Salak fruit... I have not eaten this before either. I would like to taste it one day. Looks delicious. Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

FJL September 05, 2009 2:35 PM  

Thanks for informing me about the Sarracenia plant. Its very rare and my first time seeing the plant. Yes you go and try salak fruit if you see one. You too have a fruitful weekend. Thanks.

Autumn Belle September 05, 2009 10:32 PM  

FJL, the skin of this fruit really look like a pangolin but the fruit in the second picture looks like mangosteen. Now, I'm also wondering if the town Salak South in Selangor got its name from this fruit?

FJL September 06, 2009 3:31 PM  

Autumn Belle,
Yes the skin look like a pangolin and maybe the caused why I dont like eating it very much. Perhaps the place in Salak South has lots of this fruits. What about Pasir Salak, I google it and found out that the place got its name from the scattered skins of this fruits, so I think maybe you are right Salak fruit has got something to do with the place.


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