Brinjal under the Starfruit Trees

>> Friday, June 26, 2009

Sometimes having too many seeds get me confused, but hey just plant them and see what comes out of it right..
tada..but what is it..

moving them to larger space under the starfruit tree, providing natural shelter from the hot sun.
I know are a brinjal - eggplant, aubergine in other names..and Terung in my place..

Till then okay, you are not that big enough to show more pictures, Update soon..


The heaviest Veggie in the world..

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hola. Its me on the go again. Just been in one of those days where sometimes one needs a break and now back to life again. Hope you all are happy with your greens despite of this hot and dry weather especially here in Malaysia where El Nino is expected to come soon. Keningau has just received its rain yesterday after almost a week of scorching hot weather. Its definitely way too hot for the greens to have their sunbathing!
A green riddle in the middle of June.
'What's the heaviest veggie in the world?' A big cabbage? a big broccoli? you can answer all you like but the thing is the 'tutan' is the heaviest veggie in the world. Why? because its weigh two ton (tutan) get it? Lol.
These are the pictures of the veggie 'Tutan" a local veggie but it might have other names in your places. I was thinking Im growing a chilli plant when the tutan was still small. The tutan taste like any leafy veggie but has a little bit bitter kind of thing but not bitter like the bitter gourd. Its actually a wild veggie that has been commercialised in my place. I hope some will come up with another name soon.

kinda like a chilli plant for me
revealed its true self ..The tutan but not the Titans :P



Where the inspiration comes

Where the inspiration comes

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