My Tamu Tale on the other weekend..

>> Friday, October 23, 2009

When MIL is around, I always get the chance to go to Tamu *which means the place where local seller meets*. Armed with my cellphone I aimed for local's stuff as the victim for my daring shot. Other than becoming her best mate in veggie buying, I am the best moving hanger for her to carry stuffs etc etc..But I like it as after 'shopping' in the tamu, we will always head for our morning breakfast in the coffee shop and tapau*take away* breakfast for the family members. Then no more cooking for lunch as everyone's tummy is already fulled with the take away food.
The Tamu scene located in Keningau Town..

ranging from varieties of veggie....
crabs, prawns and freshwater fish..

to dried salty fish-the oldest ways to preserve fresh fish in order to prevent them from decaying.
varieties of pretty blooms and greens
local sweeties like tapai manis pulut, tapai manis ubi *fermented sweet rice/cassava, kuih cincin
wooden chopping boards - locally made
knives, parang *machete*, small hoes also locally made
aha..I knew you all will buy this if you happen to stumble to one that you dont have..
local cigarettes known as 'sigup' local tobacco, notice that brown tobacco, take a little of that stuffs and put it in the white rolled in the black plastic bag and roll it neat makes a 'sigup'..
and finally this last picture which I think two old couples chatting on something ...They look sweet with bundles of stems behind which I forgot the name..

So how's weekend on your place?
Happy weekend you all..

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Stephanie October 24, 2009 10:40 AM  

I would be attracted to the fish stall. The prawns, crabs and fishes are so fresh and big. Those salted fish looks great too. I would have bought some if I was there. Nice market!

Bangchik and Kakdah October 25, 2009 9:45 AM  

Nice "tamu", a lot nicer than our pasar malam or pasar tani .... older people still use tobacco as chewing gum in Sabah?

About roselles seeds, I will send another packet... may be the post office send the earlier one on a wrong plane!!.. haha.


FJL October 30, 2009 8:24 PM  

Stephanie: yes the fish and others are very fresh, some still alive in their tank, never bored to come to tamu.

Bangchik and Kakdah: Older people still chew tobaccos here, even some of the younger generation.
Ya bah, maybe the plane brought the seeds to another place to sow..huhu..thanks for sending again ..hope they will arrive safely this time.

Autumn Belle December 11, 2009 6:02 AM  

My dear friend FJL, this market has so many fresh produce. It is so lively and the environment looks friendly. I have been to KK twice but never get the chance to visit Keningau. When you going to write your next post? I miss you.

I'd like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2010. May you and your family be blessed with lots of good luck, joy, happiness and happy moments.

Mamado January 12, 2010 6:35 AM  

please take some time to view my blog..

thanks :D

FJL March 08, 2010 1:04 AM  

Hi there Autumn Belle.
I apologize for my absence in here. U sure will have the chance to visit Keningau one day only that you have to bear the winding roads b4 u reach Keningau. I hope i will come up with a new post later, its already in the drafts. Actually Ive updated my other blog Cabin..and do hope in if u have the time..having two blogs really gets my hands full haha..
Again..thanks for your wishes and I hope you had a very enjoyable and fun Chinese New Year celebration..till then..Thanks for missing me and sorry for I havent do bloghopping since my last one..I hope I will soon..

crystalzerosix March 28, 2010 12:14 AM  

wah pasar minggu..saya dah lama tak mengunjungi pasar minggu di kawasan saya ni...rindu suasana begini...

# sy link kan ke blog saya...

Ismail N July 23, 2010 8:18 AM  

I love your pics and stories. I am sitting here in KK but rarely go to tamu, except, occasionally, to the wednesday tamu at Asia City, which is not as amazing. Tamu Putatan is much bigger, but I can't stand the jam. Keep writing ya, Cikgu!

Single Gal August 25, 2010 12:49 AM  

What a beautiful country. It's like a local fleamarket.

Hendrik February 14, 2014 10:32 AM  

It's always nice to see such above traditional market all around the world. It must be something unique and look more different in each place. Traditional market would be on of the best choice to spend our time for d weekend :D


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